Saturday, November 08, 2008

The power to let go!

It’s been quite some time now that I recently had the latest break up and I find it hard to get over the whole issue and move on.

Digging deeper into the matter, I found out that I myself don’t actually want to let go, simply cause somehow my twisted mind reached a conclusion that if I really move on this means I wasn’t true about this relationship!!

And so thinking about it, I realized that we resist moving on because we think there’s a proportional relationship between the time we take after the break up to actually regain our lives and how deep our emotions were. And another relationship that measures how profound and true the relation was and relate it to how ruined one’s life is. We intentionally look for the ways that will keep us miserable because we subconsciously need to stay this way to keep on victimizing ourselves and providing our own personality with a romantic=sad flavor!

Who said romance means bitter tears, sad songs and negativity everywhere? Who said that when someone finally finds peace after a break up, he has to look sad, sound miserable and even skip work or act like a complete mess?

If this means anything, it means that we still don’t have faith in ourselves and in our emotions. If I do believe in my love and I am sure I gave that relation the most that I possibly can, then the least I owe myself is peace!

Don’t resist your own power and feed the week demons inside of you to nourish the victim inside you!

Don’t allow anyone – not even yourself – to “test” or “evaluate” your feelings and your giving when you know they are true!

Don’t drag bitterness by listening to sad emotional songs and staying with depressed friends just to keep yourself in the “image”

Don’t mix between loyalty and self destruction and between being loyal to a relationship and being loyal to yourself

And if you’re not a parent, don’t fool yourself that you can love someone more than yourself. Cause simply you shouldn’t and cause simpler, this doesn’t necessarily mean you really love him/her.

Now I’ll go on trying keeping myself positive and won’t blame myself for being OK. I’ll loosen my grip and let go … I’ll just flip the page and be happy as much as I can!

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