Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oh commercials... and women!

Pampers .. Needo .. Fair&Lovely ..etc

One very good way to comprehend the very deep structure of a community is to analyze the commercials in it. I myself found that so interesting and in fact supporting most of what I think as "The diseases of our community". Here, I'll give u some good examples and my explanation .

Exclusively DUMP!!

Fair & Lovely is a facial cream that depends on the idea of being a "bleaching " cream in its own success , being cream " beybayad " is what made the owner of this company a multi- zillardaire regardless the fact that it's a cream that contains a very high amount of white paint that my grandmother used to use for hiding the marks we did on her walls , and a freaky percentage of "lime" - mesh mohem enaha megayara elmohem enaha beeda- . In these commercials, u can see that everywhere regardless the situation or the place, the dark woman just because of being dark, looses every and each chance of humanity. So if u wanna be a successful TV presenter, u have to be white.. If u wanna be miss Egypt - knowing that Egyptians are Caucasians which gives them a certain darkness in their skin color - u have to be white . But the best one ba2a.., the commercial where she wants to be a herbal expert - someone who gives lectures about the use of herbs to skin- , and she represented herself but she got humiliated because of her skin .. then when she used "Fair & Lovely" and became white , etfata7etlaha ta2et eladr.

A very interesting point to know that our filthy society can actually practice racism against dark colored skin!! "tab esta7ammo we 7oto deodorant elawel!"


Have u watched the cheese ad which shows the little boys and girls and what their future will be if they keep on eating "La Vache qui rit"?
Such a marvelous ad... The guys will be pilots .. politicians .. engineers. As for girls, ballet dancers and teachers!!! she lateef 5ales .. good thing they didn't include nannies and morde3at!!


The major price goes to both " NEEDO" AND "PAMPERS" . In these two examples, I can challenge any one if he/she can get me only one commercial where the kid was a girl!!!
Seriously!! It's a challenge.. name me only one!
So having a boy is the only significant reason for buying an expensive brand of powdered milk or diapers. especially in those lovely ones where the mother grows old after giving the most joyful message in the world " RAISING A MAN!!" After all , heya elset ma5loo2a leh aslan!!

Now what's more important than getting what the meaning of these commercials are, is to analyze them.
Who are these commercials addressing? Women
Who are the consumers of such products? Women
Who gets impressed and in fact admired by those ideas? Fucking Women!!

Yes!! The whole muddy crap starts from our side!! Look at it from a very very far perspective - not as a part of the dilemma - you will see that it's a woman who raises her child to be a selfish man and an inferior woman. It's a woman who wishes to have a baby boy before a man does!!


-to be continued-