Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The ability to love

Human nature will always be as simple and as puzzling as we get older and older. The older we get, the simple life seems to us but the harder it gets for us to survive it.

Human interaction is a need and a necessity. One no matter how hard he recites to himself can't live alone. It's through this interactions that we get the right to claim ourselves as humans.

One of the hardest and sweetest forms and the most discussed by man is "Love" and how man can fall in love, It's really amazing how we choose the words to express our thoughts and emotions unintentionally .. "Fall in love" .. Fall .. we tend to tell ourselves that we have no control on such an emotion, and - to keep on puzzling me- most people like it!!

The closer you get to a person, the more you surrender a part of your soul to. The extreme image of this of course is motherhood. This level of emotional dependance that's mandatory to categorize yourself as a person "in love" is what really amazes me.

Why is it so easy to some people?
Why is it so hard to me?
Is there another shapes of human intemacy that doesn't require this?

Mind all these questions, the real question is ... Am I able to do this?
Will I be ever able to let myself this helpless that an another person can actually play a very big role in defining my modes .. actions .. decisions?

The way I see it is that what I call it the " Emotional Dependance " mandatory for love is the hardest, toughest and the sweetest thing about love but yet.. it's an ability that requires open honest discussion between a person and himself, a lot of self-supervizes self training, and above all, the will to risk and take the chances!!

So from ehere I see it, Love is an ability and till now I can't claim I have it. What about you??