Friday, November 09, 2012

I am with the uprising of Arab women… period!

During the whole month of October, both Facebook and Twitter were filled with pictures of people, women and men, all ages, races, genders, ethnicity, and religious background … for one purpose: Women!

I have seen so many touching pictures of people fighting for causes and reasons that touch my daily life, others who fight causes that I don’t face because of geography but I could relate to, and those who did it for reasons that I could not relate to but also respected, for one reason… They are humans, and they deserve to live!

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are humans” I can’t get enough of this quote, because it sums it all up. Women are humans; which God they pray for, what do they wear, or who inspires them is not of my – or any ones business – what so ever.
Recently because of few “controversial” – the official description – photos, lots of reports were sent to Facebook administration that the Facebook page admins were sent a warning that the page is in danger of being shut off!!

“Stop supporting human rights for those people don’t like” that’s the message. Weather it is a person with a religious background that makes some people uncomfortable, or it is a person with an outfit that is not liked by people, or someone whose life style is not approved by people, eventually supporting human right to have a peaceful life without being judged or tortured is beyond Facebook toleration policy.

What a shame!!