Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome back, Transit

TRANSIT is back… yaaaaaaaaaaaay
Thanks to everyone who had a role in this,
and welcome back Transit.

Friday, March 09, 2012

A Lost Voice

For the past – almost – year, I have had the honor of participating in a very enlightening project supported, moderated, and based by Goethe Institute in Cairo which is Transit!

Through Transit, I was able to exchange experiences, thoughts, and even questions and worries with a different – yet rich – group of Arab and German bloggers.

My work was read in both Arabic and German in the time when speaking up was a challenge.
I was given the bless of the voice!

Then suddenly the blog, all the posts, everything was gone!
No one can confirm if this is related to the recent attack against NGO’s and support systems in Egypt for the freedom of speech, especially that foreigners were targeted more than others.

I am here sending a request to everyone who can help spreading the word that there was a window for screaming voices and broken dreams of people fighting injustice, tyranny and corruption … is lost!
And I ask you to do whatever you can to help


Thursday, March 08, 2012

MMW - I Wear the Hijab… So?

Last month, Egyptian journalist Dalia Rabie had an enlightening experience when she was banned from joining her own birthday party at one of Cairo’s fancy restaurants, L’Aubergine.
Rabie relates that the guy standing on the door who stopped her asked her if the fact that she is – unfortunately – wearing hijab was mentioned prior to the reservation.

I Wear the Hijab… So?