Monday, March 28, 2011

How to vote for my blog?

Thanks to Khaled Nadim, I have now an illustration for what you should do to vote for me.
Please remember that the vote is daily, and you can vote with either your facebook or Twitter accounts.

Thanks to Khaled, and Thanks to aaaaaaaall my friends :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some great news ... I need your support

Dear friends,

I have some really good news. My Arabic blog, The Violet Revolution” has been nominated for best Arabic blog for the BOBs blogging contests.

I need your support and votes as much as possible please
How to vote?
1-    Go to this link here:
2-    Log in from the right with either your facebook or Twitter accounts
3-    Pick the category “Best blog Arabic”
4-    Then pick my blog “the violet revolution

Thanks a lot in advance, I’m sooooo happy

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

International Women's Day ... for all Egyptians!

Hello everyone, every woman, every man, every Egyptian.

As you may already know, today is the international Women’s Day which is a very special day for me. It’s when all women all over the world try to highlight the main issues from which we suffer. And also point out the specific ones.

I have been fighting domestic violence against women for long time now and I still am, but I find it hard to talk it about at the same time all Egyptians were hit, kicked, ran over, and shot by police. The same time we are being attacked by thugs now, and at the same time we are electrified by the militants every now and then!

Today I will not be an Egyptian women, today I’m an Egyptian.

And as I have been saying for so many times;


I would like to salute all Egyptian women and men who have been fighting police, injustice, corruption, and even their fellow Egyptians who are so immersed in the corruption that they are no longer able to be struck by it!

I chose to look for the bigger picture and just point out my frustration by neglecting women role in the constitution reforming committee, which included only men, as to put aside any battles that will distract us from the main bigger goal … The Revolution.

But I think now is the time to say it loud, stating a constitutional amendment that will prevent women from the possibility of running for presidential elections is not and will not be accepted.

But you know why I am not worried? Because I know that the men who were right beside me from day 1 eventually will not allow it either. Some of them might be reluctant to speak it up, but when the time comes when you have to take a stance, they will not accept it … Am I not right? :)

It's worth adding that I just received now a link to the whole constitution amendments that are to be voted upon, and language speaking it doesn't make the president a man at all. I'll keep on researching about them, and keep you posted!

Happy international women’s day to all Egyptians!

God bless us all, and God bless the revolution!