Saturday, June 09, 2012

And the stupidity is still on... Foreigners are BAD

Soon after watching the amazing “Don’t talk to foreigners, they’re spies” ads,  it started to spread all over international news. This is The Independent piece on it, and this is The New York Times!

The ad

Whoever talks about “Wheel of Production” can now go and find him some other thing to be obsessed with, cause if I was a foreigner, I would not give a damn and visit Egypt and talk to people there!

Not mention that the ad is so stupid that it hurts! So some country now has to actually pay someone and plant him in Egypt to unleash the biggest secret ever that Egyptians have a problem with public transportation? That the educational system sucks?

And have you noticed the lady talking with the indirect sign of “Bread, Liberty, and Social Justice” behind her? She was wearing the Palestinian scarf around her neck... aka “She is the Revolution”
You might think this is lame, but considering the level of sophistication of the whole ad, you’ll find this just fits!

What did that woman say? “I over heard them conspiring against the army in the subway”..... God!!!

We conspire against the army in Twitter and all over the Internet... DUH!

According to Zenobia, who thinks this is all a way of dealing with the previous problem of “The Israeli Spy”, the military intelligence the producer of that campaign:

Throughout the day there was speculations among journalists on who exactly stands against that advertising campaign. According to Egyptian TV employees , the campaign is aired by orders of above the above
Anyhow  @Military_Secret twitter account spoke about the campaign which simply is run by the intelligence

So I’m supposed to believe that the military intelligence who happens to have a Twitter account announced “indirectly” that they produced that campaign to counter attack the spies??!!... REALLY?? …”Winking”

Lame alert! 

So here are the final messages:
1- If you are a patriotic Egyptian, don’t ever allow young youth to talk about politics in cafes, there might be a foreigner who will hear them talking!
2- Youth interested in politics in public transportation are “conspiring against the army”!... oh yea, we are that dangerous, but we let them arrest and torture us for the heck of it!
3- Revolution is bad, foreigners are bad, Politics is bad
National TV is good, authority is good, football and Ramadan TV series are good