Thursday, February 23, 2012

FINALLY .. No More Sony Ericsson

So now even though Sony has bought all of Sony Ericsson all over the globe. the lovely up-to-date at-your-prompt-service admins of the official page on Facebook – which by the way is the only way for you to contact Sony Ericsson – still have no idea it was SOLD


As in Bekh!

You can check the internet, and type Sony Ericsson on Google and you’ll get the official website which is now called SONY MOBILE … all the mobiles now on the website have only Sony written on them.

So I just for all the hypnotized admins to realize that all these mobiles now are history and that now we can finally deal with SONY only in case we need a proper cell phone!
Good luck selling your mobiles with the prices you sell with by the way!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Country, Democracy...and Responsibility!

The responsibility of a country is not in the hands of a privileged few. We are strong, and we are free from tyranny as long as each one of us remembers his or her duty as a citizen. Speak out! Ask those questions. Demand that truth. Democracy is not a free ride, man. I'm here to tell you. But, this is where we live. And if we do our job, this is where our children will live.
Sean Penn