Sunday, May 07, 2006

Watching Sunrize by the Nile

Round 5 am one lovely summer night,me and 2 of my friends were playing cards, having fun and laughing from the bottum of our hearts. It was one night shift in our training year (emteyaz). we had a lot of issues between us and never talked about it.
After praying ELFAJR she decided to show me the sunrise by the nile, she always knew i liked watching sunrize, and I never was able to watch it by the nile.
First she drove me to my favourite coffee shop from where I got my favourite coffee then she drove me to watch the sunrize by the nile. We talked -though it wasn't that much of a sweet talk- , we laughed, we even took photos for the birds, and above all... we watched it together. It took almost an hr ... we went back to the hospital afterwords.
Lovely memory! Everytime I watch the sunrize I remember it. And remember my friend who took me to watch sunrize by the nile for the first time . We don't talk anymore!!
Though I know you may never read this but …, "I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND"