Sunday, November 09, 2008

Age … and how it really affects our “Persona”!

My last birthday was just couple of months ago. I usually don’t think of age as a scary issue or an alarm of loosing time like most people do, but this year I don’t know what is going on with me. I’m beginning to think a lot about age.

The fact that someone is still single and he’s growing older is an all-time bugger! For most people think getting older makes it harder to find a partner not to mention a soul mate – supposing they actually exit – especially for women since a big part of the feminine glamour depends on looks and since age affects it big time. So the older the woman gets, the harder it is going to be for her to find a partner.

You know what? Now I’ll surprise you and say I agree! Yes! Every single day a woman passes by makes one step further from where her partner is!

Why? Not cause she gets wrinkles nor cause her body starts to get more fatty, these for some people are even sexier. I know some of men who actually finds the middle aged women hotter than an early twenties one!

It’s cause she becomes more “her” self. One looses this flexibility to accept different characters with age. You can accept having them as friends, close friends; you can even spend weekends or vacations with. But you find it hard to “adapt” to the existence of someone consistently in your life! The “molding” abilities of the person decreases with time.

After a certain age, and after spending sometime wondering between thoughts, one reaches a point where he starts to have definitions and recognitions for things. He starts to have his own comprehension for every aspect. He starts to be “his own”!

Certainly this is fastened and sharpened if the woman lives alone at her place. She is the only owner of the remote control and when she gets back she finds everything right where she left it.

This level of having your life under your control makes it even harder when you’re actually expected to “let go” part of this “control” for someone else and to start “sharing” it with someone.

Why do I say women then? Isn’t this happening to men too? Well yeah, but this profound cause a man is supposed to be “him” all the time, and a woman is expected to do the actually character changes for him, at least most of the time. That’s even why a lot of men prefer marrying a younger wife cause she’ll have all her molding abilities and it’s a higher possibility that she’ll have no personality to be adapted!

I have to say also that the acceptance for the idea of “letting go” and “sharing” is not by far accepted nor allowed by most of men. To some, he won’t be a “man”. To others, this jeopardizes his own self. But to most of them it’s intimidating to be next to a well established, sharply defined, and –mostly- successful woman. I find it dreamy to know a man who doesn’t scared of being involved with such a woman.

So I know now that the older I get, the more I’ll be “me” and the harder it’ll be to find someone. But am I sad about that? Scared? Not at all, cause it’s amazing how you feel you finally reach to your own and be able to define what you really are and where you actually want to go!

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