Friday, October 24, 2008

I miss being single, and that's why!

It's 11 pm on one Monday night. I'm studying physiology cause I have my oral exam Tomorrow and listening to "After Dark with Erin Fleming and Marwa Rakha". They are talking about first dates.

This is supposed to be sad. When I knew this is tonight's topic, I thought memories will chase me and I will have to fight depression. This is not happening.... actually, it's the opposite.

I feel lucky I'm single..In fact I missed being single and this is why...

* I miss enjoying music and going far far away not worrying you'll pull back
* I miss having my friends with no sense of guilt
*I miss being able to focus at my work
*I miss waking up whenever I want cause I slept when I wanted
*I miss having my mobile without caring ..ringing mobile is no longer a "fight alarm"
*I miss laughing at silly sms-s, jokes and even commercials
*I miss sleeping without praying that we don't fight next day
*I miss having my organized life
*I miss feeling good about myself .. my thoughts and my life
*I miss looking at the mirror and feeling ok

- I don't miss the abdominal cramps, the occasional headaches and the continuous nausea.
-I don't miss being emotional blackmailed.
-I don't miss the long, painful, and sad phone calls.
-I don't miss the all-through-the-day fights.
-I don't miss the arrogant sms-s.
-I don't miss being pushed away anytime just cause you "felt like it".
-I don't miss you entering the cave whenever and expecting me to be OK with that.
-I don't miss being scared and sad most of the time.
-I don't miss how lonely i felt when i went for you the times you were "not in the mode"!
-I don't miss being interrogated.
-I don't miss the fact that you never trusted me.
-I don't miss the nightmares..the scary ones..sleeping and awake.
-I don't miss using my believes as a "Joke".

I sure don't miss knowing that after all this, no matter what I did, I was never appreciated!

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