Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why Domestic Violence Against Women?

October is almost over. And for the whole month, I have been trying to post info about domestic violence against women which I consider my main cause and the reason why I am alive and the only way I could sometimes deal with what I have been going through in my life; to make me tougher to be able to fight this.
For some application, I was told to write about why I am that passionate about domestic violence against women. Why this cause in particular?
First of all, we have to agree on what is violence and what is domestic. Violence? Well, that includes all form of human pain; physical, sexual, emotional, terrorism, and even financial. Domestic? Anything that runs in the circle of people someone considers “close”. A family member, a father, a brother, a husband, even the boyfriend.
Let me give the big picture of how I imagine helping empowering women should be.
First of all, bring her up in a home full of love and support, love her unconditionally and respect her. Then educate her with the basic education in her country. After this, she’s good to go on her own.
She’ll make choices that are not reactions to what she has been through. She’ll get married to the man who is really good for her not the one who can get her out of the house, the one who loves her not the one who scares her because fear is the only emotion she can feel to a man, who will respect her not underestimate her because she knows that she is not less than him in any way or form.
A woman who was brought up in a home where she was never touched against her will, will never put up with a boss who crosses the lines with her, she will not be able to process an eye or a hand in a bus, and she will be firm with any sort of disrespect that she might face in the world because “she is a woman”
A woman who was not cut into pieces because she was born a woman or forced into either covering or uncovering her body is a woman who is in peace with her sexuality, proud of her feminine nature … she is a shining woman!
A woman who was brought that she can be whatever she wants will end up just as she wants! No one told her she should not have high hopes because eventually she’ll get married and there’s no need to stress herself with education and work.
A woman who was always loved from her family will love her husband from her heart, adore her children with her soul, and add a lot to her community.
Women are all hearts! We are beautiful creatures who cherish beauty. Keep her heart as pure as it was when she was born and she will give you all back much more and more.
When a woman is physically hurt, her pride is hurt. But it’s by someone she loves, her soul is hurt! A lot of time, and serious work is needed to overcome that.
Education? That’s the number one tool to empower her. I don’t care what she will do with this education. It’s her right as a human being to obtain the basic tools by which she explore herself, her potentials, her options, and her world!
So I guess living with a cause to fight domestic violence against women is not a very weird thing when I tell you that love, respect and education is all what a woman needs to glow, and then, she’ll give a lot to the world!

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