Friday, October 22, 2010

About Honour Killing

Honour Killing – Some Key Facts [1]
  • The United Nations Population Fund estimates that 5,000 women are victims of honour killings every year[2].
  • Most honour killings of women occur in Muslim countries, although such murders are NOT sanctioned in Islamic religion or law.
  • Honour killings are likely most pervasive in Pakistan, where they are known as karo-kari. Women are treated as property whilst honour is so deeply entrenched in society, that the government often turns a blind eye to these honour killings[3]. Instead, the murders are reported as suicides or accidents.
  • In a study of female murders in Alexandria, Egypt, 47% of the women were killed after the woman had been raped[4].
  • In Jordan and Lebanon, 70-75% of the perpetrators of these honour killings were the women’s brothers[5].
  • In some countries, men who carry out honour killings escape with lesser penalties. In Jordan, honour killings are sanctioned by the law[3].
  • Teenage brothers are often selected to be the executioner as their sentences are generally lighter than those handed down to adults.

October 29th, The International Day for Solidarity with Victims of Honour Killings

Let's all try to participate in any way. Put your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter like this, use the info into raising awareness, or gather info if you don't have any.
Talk to people that it is NOT in Islam
Talk to people that it is a MURDER
Do anything, everything matters.
Picture from my friend Yassin AlSoweha's blog 

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