Friday, January 20, 2012

And Justice Should Be Served!

Police officer who video-shot “hunting” protestors eyes was cleared!
Sayeda Zainab police officers accused of murdering the martyrs were cleared!
Mubarak endless trial!
Whoever follows the news of the legal aspect of this revolution will always be frustrated. Between the cases which were built really weak and the cases that lacked professional legal assistance, a lot of cases were dropped someone between the papers in people’s memory as “Do you even believe in Egyptian Judiciary System? ”

Problem with such cases is not the revolution. It’s that very simple fact that when  human life is intentionally taken away, there has to be consequences and the state – any state – is responsible for proper investigation and making sure someone is blamed and punished – legally of course!

Such justice is not a political demand at all, it’s pure social one.
Does anyone seriously expect a father who lost his son, had to run between morgues, to finally find his body with whatever bullets poking his body, to shut up and forget about it?
Do you think a brother will be able to go on with his life when every time he sleeps he has to see his little brother hot body in some morgue on the floor, and to remember that he had to run between offices to be allowed to bury him?
Is it even possible?
Is it fair?
Is this stability?

What would happen when each one who lost someone decides to completely lost belief in our judicial system? When everyone finally realizes that if you want something right to be done, he has to do himself?

When I call for fair trials, it is not about the political battle. It is that I am praying to God someone in this country wake up and see that unless murderers in this country get locked, we are looking ahead to a bloody war… and no one will be able to stop it!

Justice is not about revenge, it’s about keeping the outlines of a safe societies where law is what defines everything. And fighting for justice is fighting for peace.

I don’t want to see Egypt 20 or 30 years from and watch the war between sons of police officers – and military for that matter – and sons of the people who were murdered!

Forget your political affiliation for a minutes and think of the ramifications of clearing a police officer whose videos shooting people were all over the internet?
On what wishful high hopes do you think someone will forget that?
Or do you prefer it the other way? His photo with the word “wanted” all over the country and he has to either hide forever or leave for good!

 Even if someone breaks the law, he has rights! Yes, and these rights are not questionable or depending on our modes and how we see things.
He breaks the law, he gets arrested by the law, investigated by the law and tried by the law!
Even if he resists arrest, there is a law for that. You warn for few times then if you absolutely have to do it, you just prevent him by shooting his leg,
…not his eye,
…not his chest,
…not his chin!

If we want to protect this country from a civil bloody war, we all should pray, work and advocate for justice to be served!

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