Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not doing anything is actually "doing" nothing!

Through more than one discussion about what has been happening in Egypt since Jan 25th and what citizen political participation is, together with my own fight all over to stand against violence of all sorts, I came across a lot of people who think that minding their own business is a good thing to do, that they are not meddling in something they don’t get, and in turn actually helping.

Earlier when I was talking in the “Sinister Spinster” blog about divorcees and single women in general and what they suffer, a lot came across me and told me “why do you care?” “you know nothing about that” and “it is not our business to speak about other women and how they are treated” or my favorite “she might actually like to be abused, why are you so sure she is in pain?”
And today, with politics almost everywhere, there’s a voice that really believes a true citizen should just shut up, and stop interfering in political matters, in fighting against Military Trials for civilians, or Emergency Law. Why? Because “we might not know everything”

Problem with that is that it not only puts no responsibility what so ever on the citizen when it comes to how his country is being run, but also gives everything wrong to just have a bigger chance and a more deeper impact.

See, when injustice happens near you, and you choose not to do anything, you in fact are doing something! You are allowing more injustice to pass by with no resistance, you allow more corrupt people to have bigger chances of poisoning all our lives, and you are forgetting that no matter how hard it is for you to believe, but there’s a very high possibility, next time, the victim will be you!

When your colleague is being bullied, don’t watch passively, do something!
When your neighbor is being hit by her husband, don’t listen silently, do something!
When your co-worker is fired for discriminative reasons, don’t ignore, do something!
When the woman next to you in the subway gets harassed, don’t stand right there, do something!
When your fellow citizens are put in military prisons, don’t shut up, say something!
When Emergency law is being forced in your country, don’t do nothing, you HAVE TO do something!

I won’t claim I know, or I should tell you what it is that you should do. Each one of us knows exactly what he is capable of, what the risks he can take are, and what the prices he can pay are.
What I know is that each one of us HAS TO have to a stance against all sorts of injustice in this world.

Be positive, take initiative, pick a cause, have a fight… show the world what it is like to have you… imprint your soul!

Just be!

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