Saturday, December 11, 2010

A day in the real life!

After spending a day in the real world, I found out it’s still the same;

-         Men still wait till their ex’s wedding week to confess they couldn’t get over them and they loved them.
-         Women still don’t say what they want, but they get angry when they don’t get it.
-         People still find it easier to live miserable than to speak up about how they truly feel!
-         Mothers still think they own their children like dolls, they feed them, bath them,  and treat them like little girls treating dolls …they are theirs!
-         Married people talk about sex as if it’s Physics class; too complicated if you get into it, and won’t be of use if you understand it. At the end of the day, it has only one “mission” !
-         A lot of people are still not aware that most the cafes waiters are highly educated with a university degree, but they just don’t have parents to get them jobs and support them till they die!
-    A lot of people are actually still a bunch of wanna-be’s and look- alikes with every fake hint of someone else’s life!
-         Egyptians believe in Artificial Intelligence. They do, otherwise why would they press on the elevator button harder when they are in hurry? or press it every second? It’s because they are sure the elevator will get the message that they are in a hurry and come faster!!!
-         Women think it’s high-class to wear accessories on your hair, neck, hands, ears, ankles, purses, and clothes!
-         Some men still think it’s impressive not to have an opinion of his own, since by that everyone is his friend, and no one is his enemy! In other words, they think being colorless is sexy!!
-         Men still  confuse mucho with bossy as much as women mix sexy with bitchy!
-         Women still think they need men in their lives to feel feminine!

No wonder I moved to Twitterland and happy there.  

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