Thursday, June 28, 2007


It does! No matter how hard we try to avoid this or to say it's not true .. we know very well inside our minds and hearts that it does, life does sux!!
But actually how we deal with shit is what we really are. Some people try all their lives to make some sense to it.. sometimes they succeed , other times they fail.. most of the times they just can't and then get depressed. Some people have some spiritual values on which they rely.. I know muslims call it "ebtela2" and we look at it as a way to proof we can still say "el7amdolellah"and by that we get "7asanat" and "sawab" aiming for the ultimate goal "eljanna" , this releaves the pain and makes it not only less painful but of great value as well. Other people go for drugs .. alcohol .. antidepressants .. tranquilizers .. anything that just will dissociate them from what their minds can't really digest. Some transform it into different sorts of arts for the rest of humans to enjoy. It's fact that art is pain's new born.

And now comes a question? Why do we get confused when shit happens?? What's so strange about shit? I know a considerable number of people who are completely aware of this "shit happens"! If so.., then why do we all get confused when it happens to us in particular? I mean to be sad .. gloomy .. depressed .. or even suicidal I can get but do u know that most of the time it's the sense of "victimization" is the real cause of most of our bad moments in life?

We get sad when you loose a job we think we deserve, by this I mean any job we think we can not any job that we applied to.
We grief the people whom we loose cause this makes a void in our emotional dependance that we probably spend all our lives trying to ensure it to our selves

You know what... We expect too much from life! In a certain way, our twisted minds have succeeded in convincing us that we owe life that we live it happily though I can never recall a say or contract that supports such a false el ligation.

Who said we should live happy so that our sad moments become so sad?
I remember Quraa'n "lakad khalakna elensana fe kabad" .. pretty simple
it's so simple
It really does

so next time you face a bad time you just remind yourself of this "shit happens and life sux"
to all the people.
don't compare .. always remember .. he who is laughing now didn't spend all his life laughing nor will spend the rest of it doing . Some people are just clever at hiding their tears.. but always remember that they sure are having their shitty share of live.

so just relax and enjoy it as much as you can.. this bad today may be a dream tomorrow cause life can get really ugly. cause it is ugly
It really is

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