Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Choices We Make
It's a very well known fact that we pay for our choices and that no matter how hard we try to make it appear that we are in full control, still that part will have to pump. The "forced" part.. The tough one. And through these parts that our self courage and ability to fight for ourselves appear.
The reason I say this is that these days I'm being faced with some of the facts that I thought I'm fully aware of and prepared to face. Most of the time I used to think that I have my full plan with me and there can be no more surprises except for some unexpected events that must happen from time to time to every person. But the truth is it's not planned and I'm not fully prepared. It is as big as I expected and as tiring as I did but waay too much harder.
Am I going to be always ready? Am I always do it correctly? These questions are driving me crazy.
I'm not worried about today or tomorrow..It's the years to come that takes sleep from my eyes. "WHAT IF I AM COMPLETELY WRONG?"
But I don't feel wrong and I know I'm not. May be I won't be as strong as I am now ... all what I have is to pray

So dear GOD! May I remain as strong as I am now
I just wish I don't regret these days when I'm 40!!

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