Monday, December 18, 2006


couple of days I was asked to give my list of my -thing to deal with in Egypt- that I hate, and here it is;

* I hate it when I get into a bus and everyone in it stares at me
* I hate it when I'm in a bus reading something and the one next to me sticks his eyes into what I'm reading even if it's something that he can't follow
* I hate it when a mother walks with her kid next to cars and she's next to the pavement!!
* I hate it when I have to yell , curse and scream explaining to the patients that there's a "line" and "turn"
* I hate it when people gush into the elevator without giving a millisecond chance for those in it to come out.
* I hate it when someone presses on the elevator button 98456238945738945 times like it "hayseeb elly fe 2eedo we yeeegy"!!
* I hate it when someone puts his finger on the elevator button and doesn't leave it "ta3ala hena 7alan .. ana 3ayzak delwa2ty"!!
* I hate it when I'm in a public place in an elevator and I find minimum of five healthy people getting out at the 3rd floor!!!
* You know what? I hate elevators!
* I hate it when I look anywhere to see a man spitting!
* Not to mention the rest of the human physiological actions where you feel the street is his own living room, bedroom and of course...his favorite bathroom!
* I even hate it more when he's close enough so that I can hear the sound effects - like it's an art!-
* I hate it when a 2 cars wide street takes 3 and everyone is scared about his car mirrors and when I don't do that, my family gets cursed and my mom takes most of the prize.
* I hate it when I'm in a bank and someone stands right behind me while I'm counting my money!!
* I hate it when I ask 7 taxis for a ride and none of them agrees regardless where I wanna go (yemshy fady a7san) !!

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