Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hope needed, hope found!

I woke up today late and tired, looking for source of hope.
Searching the internet for any positive thing. My soul feeds and grows on hope, positivity, and above all, faith.
I kept on looking till, by chance, I found this;

Muzvare Betty Makoni Radio Show Empowers women and girls Worldwide 

And this is what is written on their page about the show:

Our topic for the radio show is about women in warn torn countries who are left to pick up the pieces, and women who not only survive but thrive. Our guest our Marie Langharn, from Rwanda, lost families members during the Genocide in Rwanda. Marie was with the UN during the Genocide, and was protected. Heidi Levandusk born and raised in Panama, Central America. Heidi has traveled to many third world countries such as Cambodia and Vietnam. She's seen the devastation and heartache of countries where women have suffered from war.

Best of luck for all women all over the world who are trying to push the boundaries away, and not only save themselves, but help to empower other women too.
I am so proud of each one of you!

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