Friday, April 22, 2011

Keep your score!

what is the name of that circular thing that you target with darts? Oh yea, ME!!!

How many shields you have unshielded, how many times you have proven me wrong about myself, or how many hidden flaws that you smartly discovered about me!

keep you score!

“You are not who you think you are.” “I know you!” “see? hahaha, gotcha!”

keep your score!

Wasn’t it obvious? Did it need explanation? You think you would have ever won with me if I didn’t want it?? You are soooo wrong!

Keep your fake score!

I will submit when I want, how I want, to whom I want. There’s no other way around it. Don’t just fool yourself you took anything by force from me. You would be really surprised!

Bravo! Happy with your score?

You have used all your darts, and I have been catching them from the other side, and you have been celebrating this given victory. And now you are thinking you point that score in my face??!! Fine!

Hope you are happy with that score, cause it’s all you’ll ever get!

And one more thing, I’m not a checklist target

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