Thursday, August 19, 2010

I told you before I'm purple person :)


Your spiritual gift based on the chakra charts is mental magic.
You have strong talents in the magickal arts.

In most individuals the Brow chakra is most active from their late 20s and onward. However these mental powers also peak for a short period during adolescence. Most of the time we lose those powers without constant development. Remember to meditate often to develop these special gifts.

Individuals who are Spiritual Magicians have the power to change the world.
You have been sent here with a unique purpose to develop and use these gifts.

Your Spiritual Strength Is Insight
You have the power to wield the elements - earth - water - fire - air - spirit - and to gain deep insights into others. You are able to use universal life-force energies to manifest change and transformation in the world and in other individuals. Magicians are in constant danger of illusions in earlier development. Be conscious of these dangers and keep a firm foot in the material world to avoid getting lost in a sea of delusions. Magicians have the most powerful chakra gift but also the greatest responsibilites that come with it.

You Need To Improve Your Communication Most
Your throat chakra is unbalanced according to the charts which has a large negative effect on overall aura balance. The throat chakra is the point of balance between the lower and higher chakras. This means that a balanced throat chakra is important not just for expression and communication but also for good balance in all of the other chakras. Singing and using mantras helps to rebalance the throat. However a chakra re-balancing session here or elsewhere is recommended to clear all energetic blockages existing in the throat area.

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