Monday, January 18, 2010

I can't sleep ... Thinking AVATAR!

I had to leave my room, my desk and my PC to do this. I made me a huge mug of Nescafe, some (Boksomat) and took my pen and papers outside of my room, put my legs on the window to enjoy the sun, and had the fun of watching our nice street before being occupied by the students of the High Institute of Social Services. And finally, my mp3 was playing the Soundtrack!

Three days before watching AVATAR for the first time –yes, I watched it more than once-, I was thinking about James Cameron. I didn’t know back then he’s the director, and I had this thought; “What can he possible do after Titanic?” I was wondering how some people know success only once in their life but they know it really well, that’s it’s hard to do it again. After all, what can he possible do after Titanic?

But obviously I was wrong. And I watched AVATAR to make sure of that!

In short, this movie is all what cinema as in art is about for me. This is what I call motion picture. And this is exactly why I am crazy about this art.

Let’s take it bit by bit, ok?

The Story:

Yes, I’m not going to start with the 3D mega technology big words. Cause this movie is about the story mainly. James Cameron –who is the writer by the way- gave us a story that included all the details and symbols that Mr. Cameron has been trying (and for me succeeding) to highlight since Titanic.

. We as humans do not own the world

. We are just a part of it.

. A lot of other creatures do exist and they share this world with us.

. And yes, there’s an upper power above all this. Who created all this, and created all of us!

The “energy” dialogue; all this talking which was about energy being stored in each and every living creature bonded by earth via this amazing synaptic network.

The beauty that was in every scene in all kind vs. the pure ugliness in anything related to human! Look how ugly all these aircrafts, machines, weapons and even robots. Couldn’t the movie makers get us the most impressive robots? Of course they could, but it was intended. Because no matter how hard we try to deny it, there’s nothing pretty or nice about this. Putting it into comparison with the beautiful colorful inspirational paradise was to the point. I never wanted to the cameras to get out this place. I wanted the entire movie to be there. This beauty that was available for us human to enjoy. But because some of us are so greedy and stupid, they thought they own it, and they have the right to get any use out of it, in whatever way even if it means killing anything we put our hands on. They had to destroy cultures & beliefs, they had to mock their sacred values and underestimate their power. And that because of course, they were not like them!


I don’t think its coincidence but I still believe some Americans are not yet over what happened with the Indians. There was this “guilty” vibe that I got through watching the movie. The fact that that land was built on the blood of its original people and the wreckage of a culture that was once there!

In the movie there’s an amazing quote;

“If you have something they want, they make you their enemy, so that it’s OK for them to fight you and take it!”

Yea, it’s that simple and that brutal. So if we really believe that, we can kiss peace goodbye. They will not” let us be” in our own land peacefully, unless we are ready to defend it if needed!

Unity! “Toruk Macta”! Call me whatever you want. Pick the word that you wish from your twisted already set political dictionary, but unless a nation unites, real peace will never be tasted. And it doesn’t have to be right beneath your feet to be your land. Toruk just had to call the other tribes, and they all responded. They fought, and some of them even died. None of them said it wasn’t their land to defend cause they knew sooner or later it would be.

All what was needed … Toruk!

No chief said he was the master of all. No one fight for the “title” and the “glory”. Because for them, it was not a battle for a medallion, it was a matter of “honor”!

If only there was a real Toruk!


Hehehe! Have you noticed that women were as responsible, as powerful and as deceitful as men? They fought together side by side.

Even women were the “real” spiritual leader for they were the ones who were able to understand the language Eywa, their great “mother”.

As for romance, I’ll only state a quote;

“But I've already chosen. But this woman must also choose me.”


Oh my god! Could any motion picture be more colorful? Lots and lots of purple –for me J- , yellow, orange, red, white, blue, and any color that a human eye can actually see was there. Even the characters themselves were colorful, bright, and they were full of “vitality” which was coming out of the energy inside them.

As for humans, they were ugly dull grayish brownish- blocked beings. Machines were pale and plane.


I can go here forever! All I can say is what I was thinking while watching;

“If all this beauty can be made by man, how beautiful is heaven?”

· Beas that fly with spiral wings when you touch them.

· Plants that emit bright lights when get near them.

· Grass that glow when you step on.

· Flowers in each and every color that play games with you when you interact with

· Water in all colors and shapes. Waterfalls, mountains, and trees.

· The seeds of Eywa!

Heaven oh heaven!


For those who don’t know me, flying is one big dream of mine, literally! When they both flew, I was about to fly off my chair! I kept going and moving with them. I here remember when Rose’s face glowed saying “I’m flying”! Looks like James Cameron shares my own dream of flying. OK Mr. Cameron, in case you needed a real stunt for a flying scene in the future, I’d be glad to do it!

This –flying- is one of the ultimate human dreams that is still beyond reality, once again, our reality as humans, which appears to be a fact that the movie maker insists on reminding us of because we tend to forget a lot.


Again James Horner! The sensational music was all I needed to call all that with one word … Magic!

Actors and Characters:

I was surprised by Giovanni Ribisi who was the first time to see like that. Bravo!

I hated Stephen Lang’s gut with every cell of my body. Chapeau!

My heart ached when Neytiri cried her dead father.

And I really cried when Tsu’tey died, and when Moat asked Jack Sally to help them.

Love Scene:

That 1 minute scene was a complete turn on! For those who think love scenes have to be passionate, I think you can easily watch pure passion from the heart. And guess what? No nudity and no “disgusting” details that devote anything from human emotion. And for those who need to know why I hate most of the love scenes (if love is the right word) in most of the movies, remember this scene!


This amazing piece of art is all about the real value and size of us humans in this world that we sometimes unfortunately resist.

Allow me to remind you of a scene from titanic. Remember the scene at the beginning of the movie when the machines were starting to work? Remember how amazing this scene was? Right after it, Jack & his friend were watching two tiny fishes hopping above water … and they were ahead of Titanic!

Again, in AVATAR, nature was trying to teach us what our swollen egos refuse to admit and deal with. We are nothing but a part of a huge world that has been going on around us and will keep on doing this with or without us. And the fact that we have the privilege of enjoying this whole wide beautiful world cannot by any means be a reason for us not to be decent enough to respect it. “Gatna seteen neela! “

How the characters used to bond with the different creatures in the movie through their hair was so sensational in a way that only people who had the chance once in their lives to connect with creatures other than people can understand.

They scenes of the prayers were heart breaking and inspirational at the same time. Not to mention the fact of the prayer that was heard, and how, and when!

“See the world we come from: there's no green there. They've killed their mother, and they're going to do the same thing here.”

This movie is about hope, honor, integrity, love and purity of the heart. In this movie a man on a wheel chair flew over mountains and kissed the sky, only when he was ready to die to defend what he had!

It’s all about that deep belief in our internal power, in the right of each one of us to have pride in his history, and to defend his land. It’s about the duty that lies upon all of us towards our small worlds to protect and respect. But only when we are really ready to be “humans enough” to deserve it!


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thumbs up!!!

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to7fa..kalamek gamed geddan geddan geddan and I agree with almost everything you said. Amazing said Emz!!

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Nemaaaa: Thanks ya banouta. The movie ganenny wallahy :D

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amazing words
you just think of every lil tiny detail in the movie. love that

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Thanks ya Kontekty. something that deserves.
Cinema begad tasta7ek elwa7ed yeda2a2 feeha

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