Saturday, May 24, 2014


Some women could understand, - and actually live - what it is to support a whole family, run the errands, pay all the bills, work for for 17 hours a day, and bust their asses off to their loved ones
But no man would ever understand what it is to have days of period, or months of pregnancy, or years of child bearing
No man would understand what it is to have your uterus being peeled from inside every month, and bleed, and have an ova ruptured spreading hormones in your body,
the hot flushes
the headache
the pain
the tiresome
or having a human being growing, eating, peeing, and feeling inside your body
and being supposed to stand up
and work
and cook
and clean
and smile
and laugh
and support
and encourage
and dream
and do
and feed
and take care
and be careful
and be attentive
and be cheerful
and be an example

and them some men actually have the nerves to compare
and some men actually have the minute brain to seriously consider coming with money is something to balance all that

A letter to some women!

Dear women who say Feminism is out dated and you did it for yourself and were never saved by anyone:

Honey, you were saved many years ago, may be it was even before you were born.
You were saved by women who fought it hard.
Those who were tortured, enslaved, beaten up, and stood up and made it easier for you and me.
If it was not for other "Feminists", BELIEVE ME, you would have not been able to travel alone between continents, have a decent well-paid job, and vote
You would have not been able to have safe healthy kids, feed them, and actually watch them grow with no fear of them being enslaved, kidnapped or rapped
You would have not been able to have the level of education, career, and well fair by for which you think you did it for yourself, and need no saving

Dearest, wake up, it's not that you need no one to save you, it's that you are lucky to be saved really early!